ahaha same

i wasn’t even playing bravely default like i said i would i was rewatching my old livestreams

darren and i have fucked up

i hear birds chirping outside this is so bad

now that fe:a’s done i can start bravely default



why is levi yelling at eren

because of all the big ass trees


give me a minute ill think of a reason for this

yre so cute mechi what the hell we need to get you like a 5 foot long wig for fukawa now

donate to the cause of me gettin a 5 ft long wig

Anonymous mumbled: if you're still into it, i think you'd be a rad fuwaka from dr! :^)

ok i need to start…getting my cosplay together……for sakura matsuri……………………….


remember cookie clicker 

shut the fuck up


It’s a metaphor. You put the killing thing in your mouth and then, uh, you kill people with it.