Track Name: Single Ladies Remix
Artist: Beyonce ft. Nicki Minaj
Album: I Am... Sasha Fierce
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remember when nicki remixed single ladies and beyonce didn’t remove it from the internet


walking past your crush like

tereziskyrope replied to your post: the homestuck songs are so amazing and…

i don’t miss the crappy parts of canon or the worse parts of the fandom, but i DO miss all the creativity in the fandom and stuff like that…?

i just miss the experience of being in an active fandom that was like bustling with life and every day was like “oh man what if this happens in homestuck today” or “i just had a great idea for an au” or “oh maybe this fanfic’ll update today” and i miss wanting to cosplay homestuck with such fervor and i even miss the crappy parts of the experience bc it was like “wtf omg let’s all collectively reflect on this shit” and wow homestuck

the homestuck songs are so amazing and listening to them is making me sink in an ocean of nostalgia i miss hOMESTUCK


(Contains Links to Animated Show)

All of the episodes were downloaded from iTunes, so that means this is the best quality you’re going to get. Enjoy!

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homestuck trash

i can testify to this claim that i am indeed homestuck trash

Track Name: Where Is My 8bit Mind?
Artist: Pixies / Volt 44
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Anonymous asked: i think ive been following you for like two years and u've just got hotter and hotter im scared soon u will be too powerful

considering 2 years ago i was 15 and at rock bottom looks-wise the only way i can go now is up

Meyercord Pin-up decals c. 1950s

return the slab or suffer my curse